Torino Nylon

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100% Nylon round brushes.

Wooden rope with tintilla, which is ideal for long jobs since it does not allow the hand to slip due to sweat due to its absorbent and non-slip power. Excellent to reduce fat and shine to the hair. It works to straighten all types of hair.

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Hair type

Ideal for greasy and frizzy hair; but it straightens any type of hair.

Tips for Using

Use the Blomer hair thermoprotector, applying it to all hair from medium to ends. blow the moisture out of the hair with the blow dryer. Separate the hair into sections and style each strand by placing the Blomer brush at the roots with the blow dryer pointing downward at a distance of 1 to 3 cm from the hair while sliding the brush to the ends. Remember to disinfect your brushes and other beauty items that you use with Brush Cleaner to avoid any virus or bacteria.


Ideal for working thick and frizzy hair due to its straightening power.

4 Types of specialized bristles

Depending on each type of hair

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