Kit Only for You Efecto Profesional

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Stop using everyone's brushes, use Only For You!

The Professional Effect Kit has been created for hair that frequently brushes their hair with heat tools or goes to their hairdresser. This Kit contains the following items:

Termic Brush - Ceramic:

With ceramic technology that improves heat transmission by distributing it evenly. It allows to reach high temperatures quickly, in addition to being a compact and strong material that does not rust and does not react to chemical treatments. It includes a retractable hair separator that allows you to make partitions easier and faster.

Calima brush:

Composed of tuft bristle (this bristle has small tufts of natural bristle and a nylon bristle in the middle of them) Wooden rope with foam handle, which is ideal for long jobs as it does not allow the hand to slip due to sweat due to its absorbent and non-slip power. Ideal for all types of hair, with emphasis on the most frizzy.

Capillary Thermoprotector:

Ideal to protect hair from high temperatures. Facilitates detangling by preventing breakage and hair loss caused by traction when combing or brushing. Gives a longer-lasting hairstyle thanks to the high repellency of humidity from the environment, providing a soft and pleasant texture to the touch. Avoid the appearance of split ends. Ideal for natural flexible hairstyles.

You can apply it on wet or dry hair.

Brush Cleaner:

It is a special fifth generation quaternary ammonium disinfectant to disinfect all elements and spaces of the hairdresser. Eliminate any viruses, bacteria and dirt that your tools acquire.

4 Types of specialized bristles

Depending on each type of hair