Why choose a blomer brush


The brushing of the hair plays a determining role in your health and appearance, since it directly affects its flexibility and brightness. Its mission is to keep the hair clean, without traces of dust, and stimulate the scalp. An aggressive brushing is harmful, because it unbalances the structure of the epidermis. In addition, certain types of hair, such as those with greasy or dandruff hair, do not accept brushing as well, since when the brush comes in contact with the scalp it will spread the fat or cause peeling, depending on the case. In any case, as a general rule the hair should be brushed every night using brushes in wood with natural bristles. Also, before washing the hair it is essential to give a good brushing, combing it well in all directions.


Thanks to microscopic studies of hair, it has been proven that the use of plastic brushes produces irritations and wounds on both the skin and the hair. The cause of this is that the tines of the plastic brushes are not completely smooth (something similar to toothbrushes). In contrast, the natural tines of wood brushes are smooth and rounded. In addition, wood is a natural material that prevents the hair from being electrified.


The choice of brush is very important, because if you do not use the right one you can injure and tear the hydrolipidic layer, which would ruffle the scales of the hair and break it. The ideal brush is made of wood, natural bristles and rounded tips. If the hair is strong, the bristles must be hard, but otherwise it is preferable that they are flexible and short, but always bearing in mind that they are natural. In addition to these general conditions, the different types of brushes are adapted to the different kinds of hair. Short hair or medium-length hair get volume with a brush of separate cards, while smooth hair adapts better brushes that have very close and resistant bristles that easily travel the entire length of hair without attacking its protein layer. In the case of curly hair, the most suitable brushes are wide-bodied mixed with Natural bristle. In addition to the length, it is convenient to pay attention to the thickness of your hair.


First of all, it is necessary to have the right accessories at hand. It is essential to acquire a Quality Brush, we recommend a Blomer brush with natural bristles, which damage the hair less. The models with a handle covered with foam or rubber give more firmness to the hand.

The choice of model varies according to the length of your hair:

  • CLong Hair: Use Blomer brushes from the Calima, Kogui, Arawak or Ticuna lines that are round.
  • Medium hair: It uses a Blomer brush of the medium-sized Quimbaya line that links and provides a finish for the ends.
  • Short Hair: We recommend a medium round Blomer brush to tame the strands and a smaller one to finish the ends, you can use the brushes of the Sinu or Tayrona line.


  • CLEANING: Brushes should preferably be cleaned by rubbing them gently with a comb.
  • RINSE: For the care of the bristles of your brush, place it for several minutes in pure, soapy water.
  • DRYING: Place your brush on a towel and let dry, it is not convenient to use electric heat.
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