Care of your hair comb

Brushes with natural bristles have a lot of advantages compared to those made with synthetic materials.

We can find bristle brushes for the hair, as well as for the body or even for brushing clothes.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this type of brushes requires specific care to keep the sows in optimum conditions,

In this way, we want to explain in detail how to clean a brush with natural bristles.

Steps to follow:

Natural bristle brushes can accumulate fat, hair, dead skin, dust, etc, which should be removed frequently to prevent this dirt from passing to your hair or body.

That is why the cleaning of the bristles is essential to keep them as new for as long as possible

  1. Every time you brush you must remove the hairs that may have been caught between the bristles. Remove them directly with your hand or use a small comb to do it.
  2. Wash the natural bristles of your brush to keep them always clean. To do this, we recommend using a neutral soap that will prevent them from deteriorating and will not impregnate them with excessive aromas.
  3. Apply a little soap on the bristles and submerge them in water. The most common is that the handle of your brush is made of wood, so you should avoid wetting this material excessively or it could crack and even rot. You can help yourself from an old toothbrush to reach the most difficult corners of your natural barbed brush.
  4. Rinse well with lukewarm water to remove the soap residue and get rid of the accumulated dirt completely. As we mentioned in previous steps, pay attention with the handle in case it is made of wood so as not to get too wet.
  5. Finally, let the brush of natural bristles face down on a towel or absorbent paper so that all the water falls and dries completely. It is important that the brush does not retain excess water or it will rot and germs will proliferate.
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