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Fabricados por profesionales para profesionales


INDUSTRIAL DE BELLEZA S.A.S. – BLOMER, was founded in 1983 with the aim of manufacturing, distributing, and exporting professional hair brushes. As a mission We are committed to offering products of the highest quality at competitive prices, that widely satisfy the needs of consumers, ensuring adequate margins for our representatives and distributors. In the last twenty years we have specialized in the manufacture of professional hair brushes, aimed at the market of hairdressing and beauty academies, offering a wide variety of models, adjusted to the needs and trends of this market. The brushes manufactured by the company are made of fine selected woods, natural boar bristles and nylon made especially for heat resistance. The careful manufacture and the strictest quality control, make the Blomer brushes, items of design, presentation and incomparable durability, which place us as leaders in the market of professional hairdressing.


We are part of the select group of companies that, through an excellent performance, represent the country. We are proud of our diversity, our culture, our people, today Colombia is a symbol of passion, hard work and talent. We like to imagine, create, change and transform. That’s why our 100% Colombian brushes are appreciated for their excellent quality in more than 10 countries.


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Currently we work with cultivated woods planted in the east of the country. For the quality of the sawmills and for the respect of environmental laws. All the woods that are processed in our factory go through a stoving process, that is, an artificial drying based on dehydration. When the wood is cut it presents 80% humidity, the first process is pre-drying in the air, it allows to lower the humidity from 60% to 40%, this ensures that the wood does not collapse. The second process in stoving or artificial drying up to an average of 6% to 12% humidity, this humidity allows us to manufacture our brushes without the risk of kinks, sags or cracks, and thus ensure greater durability to the hairdressing professional.


Ceramic paint has the kindness that retains heat. With this line of brushes you will have a tool that in addition to laying an exclusive color and design, will help you accelerate the drying of your hair. Process: The components that give shine to the paints we use are two components called 2K (polyurethanes and varnishes), this makes it indispensable to carry out the painting operation in a powder-free pressurized enclosure, which offers the possibility of taking advantage of the advantages of these products to dry and harden themselves quickly with the help of heat.


100% boar bristles, mixed with heat-resistant nylon. It is important to note that, in addition to the size and shape of the brush, the bristles of which it is made are also important. These are the materials and the degrees of firmness, but when it comes to choosing one, you have to look for your hair gently. To achieve this it is necessary that the bristles are firm enough to penetrate and hold the hair without splitting it.


Natural Bristles

These bristles are wild boar hair imported from the Far East, and are characterized by their softness. They have several degrees of firmness. Although they are considered softer than others, some are stiff and sharp.

  • Generally, they have the power to straighten hair.
  • They help distribute the oils better in each brush and highlight the shine.
  • They produce less static than nylon ones.

Nylon Sows

They are of two types: those that imitate the hair of the boar that normally come in small groups or separated, depending on their thickness and firmness; and those that are combined with natural bristles improving the quality of brushing.

  • Depending on the type of nylon, it is recommended that the tip be round to massage the scalp.

Sizes and Forms

The size and shape of the brush is just as important as the type of bristle. The size is related to the length of the hair.

  • A small brush is ideal for short hair, and a large brush is ideal for long hair.
  • The shape is related to the different techniques used to achieve a style, especially when the dryer is used, because it determines the shape of the hair.