Care of your hair comb

Brushes with natural bristles have a lot of advantages compared to those made with synthetic materials. We can find bristle brushes for the hair, as well as for the body or even for brushing clothes. On the other hand, it should be noted that this type of brushes requires specific care to keep the sows [...]

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Why choose a blomer brush

PROFESSIONAL BRUSHING The brushing of the hair plays a determining role in your health and appearance, since it directly affects its flexibility and brightness. Its mission is to keep the hair clean, without traces of dust, and stimulate the scalp. An aggressive brushing is harmful, because it unbalances the structure of the epidermis. In addition, [...]

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Use tips

LINES OF NATURAL WHITE BRISTLE CHARACTERISTICS: Round brushes 100% Natural boar bristle. CAPE TYPE: Black wood cape with foam handle, which is ideal for long work because it does not allow the hand to slip through the sweat due to its absorbent and non-slip power. BENEFITS AND USES: Special for the hair bulb, stimulating [...]

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